Wireless Security Basics

Securing your home wireless network is easier than ever before. Improving the security of your home or office wireless network is a relatively painless three-step process. You will learn to change the SSID of your wireless device (alter), use MAC address lock down (filter) and enable WPA2 encryption to (protect) your connection. This entire process…


Safe On the Internet

Now that you have your new computer and you’re ready to go flying the Internet, what should you do first? In order to safely surf the unfriendly Internet, you’ll need to prepare in three ways. You’ll need antivirus/antispyware software that updates itself automatically. You will need a good software firewall. And you will need to…


Eight Ways Data Leaks From Your Network

What is the single most important component of your business network? Is it your servers, desktops, laptops or phones? They are all important, and some are costly. But if you stop to think about it, the only truly valuable “item” is your data. Everything else can be replaced and if you are well insured, with…


Eight Top Small Business Computing Mistakes

Your entire business runs on its computer network. With this in mind, it is vitally important to make wise decisions regarding your computers and networking. Many small businesses make serious mistakes in their computing decisions. Here are the top eight mistakes we see small businesses making on a regular basis. Read More