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    Advanced Firewalling Part Two – The Harder Stuff

    Advanced Firewalling Part Two – The Harder Stuff Once you’ve done the easy stuff, like GEO IP filtering, Botnet filtering and setup Layer7 traffic handling (if your firewall has the capability to do so), the really good stuff is next. First on the list, assuming your firewall …

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  • Advanced Firewalling Part One – The Easy Stuff

    Part One – Advanced Firewalling Easy Stuff Modern UTM (unified threat management) firewalls provide far broader feature sets than mostbusinesses get around to using. These devices are simply configured for the Internet circuit (or circuits), setup with some basic remote access functionality and configured to support …

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  • Passwords Leave you Vulnerable. You May Need Two Factor Authentication (TFA).

    Two Factor Authentication (TFA) – Beyond Passwords We all know that good passwords are complicated, should be different for every use and change frequently. We also know how hard that is to implement, enforce and track. So what do we do about this? Two factor authentication (TFA), …

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  • Password Security Fixed. Good, Better and Best Passwords.

    Let’s talk about password security. There are truly bad passwords, like your username, or “password.” There are better passwords, like “Mike04!” for example. And there really good passwords like #94hwer0n, but they often end up taped to your monitor or under the keyboard. Not so good. So how …

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  • Network Security – Are You Taking it Seriously?

    For network security, we are going to assume you’ve got a modern unified threat management (UTM) firewall doing deep packet inspection, assume you’ve got signature-based antivirus running on your servers, desktops and laptops, and assume you’ve got a comprehensive, managed patching system in place that …

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  • Phishing Tactic Targets Tabs

    Phishing Tactic Targets Tabs

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  • Mobile Apps in Business

    ChannelPro consults Joshua Liberman on the business side of mobile apps in “Making Mobile Apps Click” Pg.22 ChannelPro Sept 2014

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  • Basic Mobile Apps Security Issues

    “Research firm claims that 75 percent of all mobile applications will fail basic security tests next year — leaving the enterprise vulnerable.” Article by Charlie Osborne

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  • All Your PINs Are Belong To Us

    An informative video on PIN theft: Here’s How Easily Someone Can Steal Your ATM Pin Code Without You Noticing And How To Prevent This From Happening

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    Salesforce Issues Malware Warning

    A recent PC Magazine article talks about malware that targets Salesforce users.

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