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Secure Document Phishing Attacks Trap Employees

Stu Sjouwerman of KnowBe4 writes about a new popular phishing attack. –Article

An $80M Bank Hack Has Been Blamed on $10 Routers

Jamie Condliffe of Gizmodo writes about getting what you pay for when it come to network security. –Article

Ransomware On Pace To Be A 2016 $1 Billion Dollar Business

Stu Sjouwerman of KnowBe4 discusses the big business of ransomware. – Article

The Future Of Ransomware: CryptoWorms?

Stu Sjouwerman of KnowBe4 reports on Ransomware of the future. –Article

Phishing Email Uses Accurate GPS Data To Catch Speeding Drivers

  Stu Sjouwerman of KnowBe4 reports on a new method of email phishing. –Article

Seagate Phish Exposes All Employee W-2’s

Eric DeRitis of KrebsOnSecurity reports on security breach at Seagate. –Article

Net Neutrality Is in More Danger Than Ever

Klint Finley of Wired on the continuing battle for Net Neutrality. –Article

Windows 10 Worst Secret Spins Out Of Control

Gordon Kelley with Forbes/Tech writes about Privacy concerns of Windows 10 –Article

T9000: Advanced Modular Backdoor Uses Anti-Analysis Techniques

  T9000: Advanced Modular Backdoor Uses Complex Anti-Analysis Techniques by Josh Grunzweig and Jen Miller-Osborn of Palo Alto Networks

Broadband woes could put creation of 81,000 jobs at risk

Blake Driver with Albuquerque Business First writes about lack of broadband availability in New Mexico (Article)


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