managed IT services AlbuquerqueWhat Is a vCIO?

Managed IT services companies in Albuquerque have begun to provide vCIO services more regularly. First, though, you need to know what exactly a vCIO is. This stands for "virtual Chief Information Officer." Basically, through modern technology solutions, vCIOs are able to do essentially everything an onsite CIOs would do, but for a fraction of the cost.

You're generally going to pay between $100k and $300k annually per CIO. Meanwhile, you're likely to get essentially the same kind of utility through a vCIO at under $50k per year. Did you know that estimates put the resolution of tech issues remotely at a rate that is greater than 70%? That's definitely considerable! A vCIO can help with resolution, but they are also able to help set up, configure, maintain, upgrade and troubleshoot systems as necessary. Furthermore, this is often done with greater acumen externally than internal solutions could effect. Three reasons for this include:

  • Exterior expert evaluation
  • Technological acumen and vision
  • Benefits without otherwise unavoidable setbacks

Exterior Expert Evaluation

A managed IT services company in Albuquerque have a better vantage point from which to determine what your business does or doesn't need. Think of it like this: if you're a relationship counselor, you operate as an unbiased third party in examining conflicts between two partners in a romantic situation. From within that relationship, foibles and difficulties cannot be seen. It's always the other individual's fault--you get the idea. A vCIO has the ability to give advice based not just on a better technological vantage point, but on experience with other businesses who have similar technological situations. Such expert exterior evaluation can help you move forward without having to reinvent the IT wheel if you will.

Technological Acumen and Vision

Not only it is possible for exterior CIO solutions to help anticipate and correct problems that wouldn't even be visible to your business internally, it's also possible for them to anticipate trends that are either problematic or lucrative for your business. A vCIO working with an IT organization has a core prerogative based on facilitating the most cutting-edge solutions available. An internal solution can have such an aspiration, but the realities of maintenance will make actual cutting-edge acquisition or implementation essentially impossible on an internal basis.

Benefits Without Otherwise Unavoidable Setbacks

With a vCIO solution, you get to have your cake and eat it too. Instead of not being able to implement a new operational interface because some segment of operations requires an internal CIO to focus on a fix, you can use internal IT to advance new solutions and external IT to keep things at a sustainable baseline of continuous operational ability. You get the newest tech, continuous monitoring and support, and consultation from individuals who have made providing businesses with the support that's better than internal solutions top priority.

Securing Your vCIO Solution

Managed IT services in Albuquerque through Net Sciences, Inc. can provide you with vCIO solutions that allow you to overcome numerous setbacks while simultaneously enjoying better services at decreased costs. Contact us for vCIO solutions that will give your business a competitive edge going forward. Wherever you can curtail operational expenses, it makes good sense to do so.