Real IT For Your Business

Data protection, security, help desk and on-site IT services. Just as if you had the best IT department in town.

Your Virtual IT Department

Planning, design and ongoing briefings with your staff to keep your business running smoothly. NSI is the holistic answer to your IT needs.


From the firewall and remote access at the edge of your network to the encryption and two-factor authentication inside, security rules. And don’t forget wireless security.

Data Protection

Got complete data backup? Got server imaging? Got all of this replicated off-site securely? Got Business Continuity? Got Disaster Recovery? You can say yes if you’ve got Net Sciences.

Day-to-Day IT Help

From remote help desk services to linking your remote users seamlessly and securely to your network, if you need it done, we are the answer.

If You Value Your Time, We Will Save You Money

What does downtime cost? Talk to us about our downtime calculator and see for yourself. Time is money and we'll save you both.

Net Sciences, Inc. Your IT Department

Contact us today to bring the power of experienced network professionals to your business.

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Computer repair and networking service

Networking, Computer Repair & Support

What do you need to make your business more efficient and connected? Our team of highly experienced network and computer repair specialists take the guess work out of networking.

  • Computer Repair and Computer Support
  • Custom-built Desktops and Servers
  • Data Protection and Security
  • On-Site and Remote Support

Net Sciences Inc.

Data Protection

Are you prepared for the worst-case scenario? Our Next Generation Backup service combines local file and imaging plus remote replication of data in one streamlined process to keep your business going.

  • Your important data backed up regularly
  • Network configuration saved locally
  • Ensures continuity and recovery if your system crashes

Net Sciences Inc.


In this age of escalating cyber crime, how safe is your computer system? Your network is the heart of your business. We shield your system from outside attack.

  • Firewalls keep intruders out
  • Encryption plus 2-factor authentication
  • Security for wireless devices and networks