Can you recover my data? Please?

One day you come to work only to find there is no building there. Or you open the door and see nothing but hanging wires, or a pool of water two feet deep. Or you login to find that the guy you fired yesterday knew a lot more about networking than you thought he did and that there is nothing left behind, not even your backup discs. You get the point. You need data recovery and a whole lot more help too.

Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards. - Aldous Huxley

Your first step would either be to find a new building, or if the disaster was less total, to get on the phone and starting a server or servers. You just might get that new equipment within a week. Then you’d have to start restoring your configuration to that new equipment and after that, your data recovery/restore could commence. In a small business, you might be totally recovered in two weeks. But with NextGen Backup, as soon as the lights came back on you could connect to your server(s) and your data. Your outage lasts hours, not weeks!

Of course, there is far more to an effective disaster recovery plan than simply having your data and configuration replicated to the Cloud. You have to reach employees, to find a temporary work site, to secure phone services, and more.

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Along the lines of IT, you’ll need to either repoint your email and DNS records or just reconnect to your hosted services, to re-establish local and perhaps wireless networking and more. Net Sciences can help you establish, rehearse and if necessary, execute on these plans.

There are many types of disasters, and though we live in very stable part of the country, you’ll find that most disasters are not on the order of earthquakes or tornadoes. They are fires started by your neighbor’s wiring, floods caused by the building’s sprinkler test gone badly wrong or simple thefts. And occasionally, they are no more dramatic than employee error (think of Cyptolocker wiping out your access to all of your data overnight). Get Net Sciences on your side before a disaster, of any magnitude, happens. We'll help you implement data recovery and disaster planning to make sure your business is not vulnerable. Contact us today.

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