With Net Sciences, business continuity has replaced unreliable old-school backups at our business. No more worries about data loss and downtime!

Everyone knows they need backup, but they often don't realize they really need business continuity. In fact, almost nobody knows what backup actually is. Have you ever actually stopped to consider an effective backup strategy is? Yes, backup is a strategy that addresses the three main elements of recovering after a loss. These are file backups, configuration backups and the ability to replicate both of those off-site.

We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works. - Douglas Adams

Data is pretty simple; the information that you create in the day-to-day pursuit of your business. This includes documents, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, photos and video for some, database information, and more. Most of this is pretty straightforward to backup, though capturing email and database information is quite a bit trickier.

Configuration backups refer to the installation and configuration of your server(s) and other site specific information such as your users, groups, permissions, file structure and more. This type of information is what makes your site unique and lacking a backup of this, the recreation of your network would take days or even weeks. Finally, getting all of this data to tape or disc in a readily available format is a very important step but if you suffer a theft, fire, flood or other disaster, you won’t have anything if you don’t have that data replicated off-site. As with anything else in computing, automated procedures work; carrying a tape off-site simply doesn’t cut it any longer.

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There are "business continuity" solutions to these challenges, solutions that are easily implemented, completely automated and that cover all the bases above and more. Imagine a solution that runs every hour, taking snapshots of your data and configuration, maintaining the ability to roll back for months of revisions and automatically replicating all of this to the Cloud. Imagine this solution could even stand in for your server if it failed to boot, almost instantly. And imagine that if you had a real site disaster, this was your disaster recovery solution in a box. That's what we call business continuity. Contact us today to discuss how we can implement this type of continuity solution for your business.

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