Yeah, my data is protected. I feel good!

Total Data Protection™ provides you comprehensive backup, business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities. Let’s go through just what that means to you and your business.

Everyone knows they have to get a backup of their data files, this is the sort of thing you might already be doing by copying files to disc or tape. This is Backup Classic Part One. Few businesses realize that they also need to backup the configure of their server(s) as well, so that in the case of a server failure (or theft, or fire, etc.) they can restore that configuration to a repaired or replaced server. This is Backup

Classic Part Two and it means your downtime can be limited to hours, not days or weeks. And that means you stay UP AND RUNNING!

The next level of Data Protection is known as Business Continuity, and it answers the question “but if my server dies, how do I keep my business running until it gets revived or replaced?” Our Total Data Protection™ services provide you the ability to keep running even in the event of a server or multiple failure. With Total Data Protection™ you can be up and running in an hour or two. That means that whatever it takes to repair or replace your server or servers happens in the background. And that means you can stay UP AND RUNNING!

The final level of Total Data Protection™ is known as Disaster Recovery – the ability to keep working even if your IT equipment has been stolen and destroyed and even if your office or building is out of service. With the integrated, automated replication to the Cloud that Total Data Protection™ provides, your data and your network configuration is always protected. That means that without any effort on your part, everything you need to work is duplicated to two secure data centers in the US. And that means you can stay UP AND RUNNING!

The bottom line is that Total Data Protection™ provides data and configuration backup, business continuity and disaster recovery in a completely automated fashion. Your backups can happen every hour (no more lost hours of work). Your backups are preserved so that you can rollback to earlier versions of files for years if need be. Your backups are completely automated and monitored (so if failures occur you know and we fix it). Your backups are secure and replicated off-site in two US based data centers. And that means you can stay UP AND RUNNING!

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