What is your cost to support each worker/workstation currently? What if you could lower that cost while retaining or improving the quality of support?

How much does it cost you per year to support your systems? Take advantage of economies of scale. NSI customers are like a co-op, sharing the costs of having their own IT Consulting Experts. Ask yourself what makes more sense, spending $60K for one expert network administrator or sharing that cost with other companies and getting access to four or five experts!

We had to address information technology in the ways we had not before and give the agents the tools that they need to do their job more efficiently and more expeditiously. - Robert Mueller

How many people do you have designated to support now? With Net Sciences, you have access to a team of IT Support Experts; all ready to help you reach your goals. For less than you spend now on downtime, lost productivity and other costs, you can have access to the experts at Net Sciences. And you won’t be tying up otherwise useful time of your own employees.

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Don’t burden your employees any more than necessary. Having a part-time job as an IT Support/ IT Services person means that you could be detracting from their primary job. That can be detrimental to a company in so many ways. Let us help. We are devoted, and 100 percent committed, to your environment and needs. Our primary focus is always customer driven.

When these part-time IT support people run into a problem they are unable to fix, what do they do to resolve it? What do we do when we are stumped? With a median experience of over 20 years, the Net Sciences team either already knows the answer to your questions or can rapidly and efficiently find that answer and keep you running. Contact us today to discuss structuring a plan to address your IT Support/ IT Service needs.

"With Net Sciences, now our computers work, they just work!"

Tyler of Valley Fence Company - Albuquerque, NM Operations Manager

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