Hey can I hop on your wifi? My computer is clean, I swear.

Years ago it was very common to find dozens of wireless access points available, open and unprotected, from the middle of any office park’s parking lot. People have become more educated about this, so you rarely find open access points any longer. However, the bar has moved quite a bit higher in the past few years, so this is simply no longer enough.

The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do. - B.F. Skinner

In this technological age, people everywhere want to be connected. Unfortunately, that means that they are used to connecting to free WiFi hotspots. With airports, Starbucks, and others providing free WiFi, working from anywhere has become the norm. However, working securely over WiFi has not.

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We can make sure that only those allowed to use your network are able to. We can even hide your network from curious eyes, so that your data is only being used for your business purposes. We can configure a system allowing Net Sciences to use their expertise to manage your WiFi and Firewall.

Let Net Sciences look at your WiFi security, as well as your security policies for your network.

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