IT support AlbuquerqueHackers no longer specifically target large organizations with considerable assets and uber-valuable data. Organizations of every size are now targeted which makes having IT support in Albuquerque all the more important. Hackers are well aware of the fact that small and medium-size organizations have confidential information that can be sold or used to steal customer identities.

Why Small Businesses are now in the Cross Hairs

Plenty of small to medium-size business owners and managers assume their organization won't be targeted simply because they are not raking in tens of millions of dollars per year. The unfortunate truth is that hackers now view such small businesses as easy targets. Many of these organizations lack adequate digital security safeguards. Hackers view these organizations as “easy pickings” to pluck personal information about clients such as social security numbers, names, dates of birth and financial information. This is sensitive personal data that must be protected at all costs. It doesn't matter if you have a handful of employees and a couple thousand customers who patronize your Albuquerque business. As long as you have important data on your hands, your organization will be a target.

Transactions Open the Door for Data Pilfering

Small and midsize organizations that sell products or services make use of a point-of-sale terminal. This terminal and certain online transactions require the use of customer credit cards, debit cards or banking information. The pre-loaded software is necessary to access this type of system. It is possible to hack the software if the company's wireless network is unsecured. Add in the fact that many such websites use passwords and usernames to log in and out of the system and hackers have a treasure trove of targets to obtain. All login information must be keyed in and saved. Hackers will attempt to access such information by breaching your website. Evil-doers even have tools that seek websites that have sensitive data. The evolution of web-based applications makes it that much easier for cyber thieves to tap into website data.

Protect Your Servers and Computers

Take a moment to consider all of the important data stored on your servers and computers. If a hacker sends malware to your system, your admin password will be in jeopardy. Obtaining such passwords can lead to server logins, network device access, and hardware device access. Such hardware devices are chock full of important data about your clients, vendors, partners etc. Can you imagine letting a miscreant look at, read and misuse such data? The results would be nightmarish. Hiring a legitimate IT support group in Albuquerque will help ramp up your organization's security.

Do not Underestimate the Potential Ramifications of a Hack

All it takes is for a hacker to access your customer’s bank or credit card information to spur a nasty crisis. This information can be sold to other wrongdoers on the web. It can be used to commit bank or credit card fraud. The fallout will lead to a loss of customers and a massive hit to your company's reputation.

Net Sciences is at Your Service

Do not let your security vulnerabilities open the door to malicious hackers. It is time to ally with a proven IT support team in Albuquerque. Contact us and learn more how we can provide everything from managed IT services to digital security consulting, business continuity, virtual CIO and plenty more.