IT support AlbuquerqueIT support in Albuquerque can be an instrumental part of helping you secure your personal identity. This is very important in lieu of approaching holidays. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, as is Christmas. On Black Friday, there is usually a crazy sales free-for-all at department stores across the nation. Meanwhile, the Monday after the weekend has earned a new name: Cyber Monday. Many people shop from home, and it's estimated that this shopping date is set to be even more intense than Black Friday has been.

Not Even Family Members

But here's the thing: you don't want to give out personal information to anybody while you're on the internet shopping for Christmas the Monday after Thanksgiving. It may seem like a good idea to give your password information to a friend or loved one in order to save time during this busy segment of the year, but you're actually opening yourself up to be hacked.

To help you understand the issue, here are a few tips to protect your identity this holiday season:

Use Secure Passwords

IT support in Albuquerque can help you design and manage effective passwords. Here's the thing: passwords need to be at least eight characters, have a symbol, a capital, and a number. So ‘Password10!’ would technically work. But is this a good password? No, because it's easily guessable. Here's a list of common passwords. Be sure you don't use any of them or design similar passwords. The best solution is to use password management options from a trusted IT professional.

Don't Use Personally Identifiable Data for Passwords

Using your social security (SSN) number as your password is a big no-no. A password cracker could determine the number, and now the cybercriminal has your SSN. Don't use government ID numbers, birthdays of your friends, yourself, or loved ones, or anything else which could identify you.

Don't Share Personal Data Unless Absolutely Necessary

It may be tempting to give your son or daughter the code to your online account for one reason or another, but avoid doing so unless there really isn't another option. Think about it…if someone gives their personal password/login information, are you going to memorize it, or write it down somewhere? If the little sticky note you wrote it on gets in the wrong hands, that personal information will likely be compromised.

Don't Write Down Passwords

Password management solutions are the best option for choosing online passwords. You can find them either from an MSP or through your own search efforts--but either is better than writing passwords down. That's one of the easiest ways to "hack" anyone: steal the sticky-note with their login data.

Be on the Lookout for Impersonators

Impersonators can come in the form of strange callers, impersonated managers, disgruntled co-workers, unfamiliar email addresses, or any number of possible guises. Stay vigilant and do your best to avoid them. Securing your personal data should be priority especially this coming holiday’s when purchases are bound to happen.

IT support in Albuquerque through Net Sciences, Inc. can help you manage personal information securely. Contact us today to get comprehensive online identity protection.