IT support AlbuquerquePlenty of companies are dissatisfied with their IT and still unsure as to how to implement a change or switch to a new IT support provider in Albuquerque. However, it might not be the staff or the tech at fault. The problem could be in their approach. The break-fix approach of yesteryear is quickly going out of style in favor of a proactive managed services provider (MSP) approach.

A Better Approach

It is awfully frustrating to wait for your computer, network or other pieces of hardware to break and have IT implement a fix. This process is burdensome in several regards. It reduces efficiency as employees can't work when a tech does not function as it should. Furthermore, IT resources are required to remedy faulty tech, then there is the matter of the problem or a similar one popping up again in the future.

There is a better approach to IT known as proactive managed services. This approach seeks out potential problems, identifies their flaws before they fully manifest and implements the fix before the actual break. It does not get any more efficient than that. MSPs rely on regular maintenance and analysis to keep systems in tip-top shape at all times.

Think of the difference between an MSP and the break-fix model as the difference between a healthy patient and one who rarely exercises, binge diets and requires frequent visits to the doctor. Do not put you costly equipment at risk by neglecting its integrity on a daily basis. Opt for the proactive approach to IT and your system will stay consistently healthy across posterity.

The Hidden Costs of the Break-fix Model

Consider what happens when something breaks and you have to rely on your IT crew to repair it. The affected employees have little, if anything, to do as they are dependent on the tech to do their work. Productivity drops off a cliff.

The IT staff has to divert their attention to repairing this break before they can do anything else. The situation feels as though there is a crisis because no one planned ahead and your resources are stretched thin. Such a dramatic and unnecessarily expensive approach takes a toll on your staff as well as your bottom line. Alternatively, operations will proceed as intended if you lean on an IT support provider in Albuquerque for a proactive approach to IT services. Problems are identified in advance so crises can be avoided.

Getting Over the Mental Hurdle of the New Approach

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of moving away from the break-fix approach is to alter your thinking. You won't have to assume things will go wrong and anticipate the subsequent downtime for repair. Nor will you have to guess as to what it will cost to repair your tech. You will know what to budget for your managed services costs each month. This is the fresh and efficient approach to IT your organization needs.

Is your IT support provider in Albuquerque still applying the traditional approach to your IT problems? It is now time to receive the support you deserve. Contact us now at Net Sciences Inc. to see the difference.