IT services Albuquerque

If you are a leader of a small or medium business, you probably know that technology is a huge part of your day to day activities. However, you might not find yourself fully equipped to handle all the hardware, software, and security, not to mention the network, that your company requires. This is where managed IT services in Albuquerque comes in. You can hire a company to do all of this for you.

If you pay attention to the IT world, you have probably heard of managed services. These services are offered by managed service providers, or MSPs, and they help small to medium-sized businesses take control of their IT tasks.

How Do MSPs Work?

In most cases, MSPs work by not only managing, but also monitoring, your company’s IT system.

A good MSP should have a 24/7 customer service center, which constantly monitors your network. This way, the MSP is alerted immediately should something happen, and in turn, your company will experience less downtime. Other tasks that an MSP might do include:

  • Cleaning out temporary files
  • Installing and applying security patches
  • Installing and monitoring malware and anti-virus programs
  • Creating system backups
  • Access to a help desk

As you can see, when you choose managed IT services in Albuquerque, you really are getting an excellent support system for your company’s IT tasks.

Is an MSP Really the Best Way to Manage Your Company’s IT?

Many times, we find that business owners and managers really question if an MSP is “worth it” or not to hire. After all, there are certainly other options for managing your company’s network, software, hardware, and system monitoring, right? Of course. Here are some of the alternatives:

One of the alternatives to an MSP is in-house IT support. You might choose this option because you believe that one or two employees can handle your IT tasks efficiently.

A good full-time IT professional is certainly going to demand a certain salary. They have invested a lot into themselves to gain this knowledge, and their salary should reflect that. What happens if that person becomes overworked? What happens if there is a network problem at night or on the weekends? What happens when this person becomes sick or takes a vacation?

The second alternative to hiring and using an MSP is the simple philosophy of “if it breaks, fix it.” Typically, this option works like this. A company has no IT support in place and suddenly, their network stops responding. Business is disrupted for several hours while IT amateurs on staff try to figure out the problem. Eventually, the company contacts an on-call tech. This tech responds, but it takes much longer to fix because they are not familiar with the system. This not only costs a lot of money in downtime, it costs a lot to pay for the on-call service.

If you have decided that IT services in Albuquerque are right for you, contact our team at Net Sciences, Inc. We can talk to you about the right managed services for your company and show you why hiring an MSP is the right choice.