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What is a Complete Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan?

Joshua Liberman Discuses about Backing up your data and what to do if disaster strikes. What three things are the most valuable ...

Browsing history to be sold to highest bidder?

Jon Brodkin reports on why ISPs may now stand for "Information Sold for Profit". -Article

Hackers Attack Hotel Smart Locks

The Points Guy reports on how hackers held a hotel for ransom. -Article

Word Document Danger Installs a Keylogger - Office Watch

Office Watch reports on a Microsoft Word based malware attack. -Article

'Activation Wizard’ Scam Targets MS Office Users

Office Watch reports on scammers using fake Microsoft Office activation malware. -Article  

Most Businesses Pay Ransomware Demands

Sean Michael Kerner of Eweek reports on the high cost of Ransomware. -Article

Latest malware turns victims into attackers

Alex Hern of the Guardian reports on the latest malware tactics. -Article

The FBI Just Got Disturbing New Hacking Powers

Hudson Hongo of Gizmodo reports on the FBI's hacking powers. -Article

Ransomware now appearing in downloaded images

  Bruce Brown of Digital Trends reports on the threat of ransomware hidden in image files. -Article

Phishing Attacks Now Almost Always Include Ransomware

Sead Fadilpašić of IT Pro Portal discusses the high prevalence of ransomware in modern phishing attacks. -Article


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  • Phone: 505-266-7887

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