How Does Outsourcing IT Help My Business?
We already have our taxes done by accountants or CPAs, and of course, legal work done by attorneys and firms, so the idea of outsourcing professional services is certainly nothing new. The design, support and securing of your IT system is no longer the province of amateurs. Whether you end up with on premise, cloud hosted or a combination of both for your IT solution, you need highly capable, reliable and trustworthy support. Modern IT is complicated and fraught with potential security, privacy and data issues that cry out for professional support. Look at the real total cost of doing IT right and you’ll see it is quite well justified, especially in light of what doing it poorly would cost you. Let us at Net Sciences handle your IT so you can handle your business.

What is Managed Services or Flat Rate IT Services?
Over the past ten years or so, there has been a significant change in how IT firms deliver their services. This new way is called “managed services” or “flat rate” IT services. We’ve moved to a proactive method of services delivery, monitoring your IT equipment remotely and fixing many things before you see them break; saving you both time and money. Secondly, we’ve gone to remote service delivery, meaning we can do nearly all of our work without having to roll over to your site; this saves you money and lets us respond faster. We’ve developed a simple pricing model based on number and type of device you use. This means that you will see one consolidated bill for all services with consistent billings, month after month. Please let us fit the plan for you.

Why is Net Sciences the best choice, since they are not the cheapest option?
Even a small city has dozens of IT services providers and you’ll see a vast diversity in pricing as well. So how do you choose? First off, as with anything else, the best is never the cheapest, but higher pricing is no guarantee of better service either. So consider three things to guide your decision making. Does the firm “feel” right; do they respond to requests promptly? Do they answer questions well and make sure you understand? Next, is their track record good and solid, with years in business and very solid references? Net Sciences is responsive from Day One. We handle our calls live, respond quickly and perform reliably. We pay our staff very well, keep them trained and healthy and make sure that everyone we work with gets exceptional value for their money.

Should I Run My Business In the Cloud?
The allure of Cloud computing is great for many businesses and might be a good solution for yours, but you must evaluate the following concerns before you decide whether to Cloud up. First, Cloud computing requires a fast, stable Internet connection (and probably a backup connection). While cable is fast, it is not very stable and most sites experience frequent outages. Secondly, you will give up responsiveness and speed; your network runs at Gigabit speeds, Cloud computing speeds are measured in Megabits - many times slower. This may be a deal breaker for those with very large files. Finally, the Cloud may not be cheaper in the long run for your business once you total up the higher monthly costs; you have to do the math. Or just let Net Sciences do the math for you.

Why should I replace computer equipment that still works?
Every piece of IT equipment you use should be evaluated in three ways. First is its security. For example, if you still run Windows XP computers, they may indeed boot up and run (or walk) but they are no longer being patched and are no longer safe. Next, you have to look at the ROI (return on investment) of your IT equipment. For example, if you have an employee using a machine that wastes just 20 minutes a day being too slow, you will save an hour per week of time by replacing that machine. Even at just $16/hour of burdened pay cost, you can pay for a fast new machine within six months; sometimes much faster.   Finally, new machines are covered under warranties (ours are three years), so that failures won’t cause you unplanned expense or missed deadlines.

How can I tell if my backup solution is complete and meets my needs?
Imagine you come to work and nobody can login and you figure out that is because the server has been stolen, along with its attached “backup” drive. Or imagine that eight months after you had to release your controller, you’ve discovered that he deleted all your previous year’s financials months ago. Or imagine you cannot find that overnight delivery and an email about it shows up with the tracking information, so you open it up and suddenly all your data is encrypted and held for ransom. If your backup solution cannot resolve every one of these issues for you in an hour, you’ve got the wrong solution. Backup to disc, tape or online does not provide hourly data and server snapshots automatically replicated to the Cloud, Total Data Protection does all that and more. Ask us about it.

How can I tell if my security solution is complete and meets my needs?
Everyone understands the need for rock solid security where their network meets the wild west of the Internet. But if you choose and implement the right firewall you’ll have a device that can stop a broad range of threats by scanning network data, providing content filtering (or “web nannying”), doing traffic control, securing wireless for your employees and guests, securing remote access, and more. Security transcends the placement of a solid firewall, reliable antivirus or other solutions. Security is a mindset that you adopt and a way you engage in your daily business practices. Further, security evolves as the threat landscape evolves, so it is living thing. Ask Net Sciences about our Total Network Protection solution, including firewalling, monitoring and training.

What can I expect when Net Sciences takes over my network?
The first thing we do at every site is a brief site survey to get an idea of where you are at with your networking. Then we meet and discuss this and get an idea of where you want to go. Finally, we put together recommendations for how to get there. Sometimes just a few quick fixes will do, and other times, there is a lot more involved. So we talk with you, make a plan and build that plan in phases so you can transition at a pace you can afford. As we progress, we discuss how we’ll go forward together, and what level of service and response you need to keep things running smoothly. Generally speaking, somewhere around the second month you’ll start to discover that downtime is over, that things just work and that one day you’ll wake up and say . . . I love this network!