Technological Development Predicates Additional Protections

IT services AlbuquerqueIT services in Albuquerque need to take endpoint protection into account. The "cyber" world is overlapping "reality" in ways increasingly integral. Consider IoT, or the Internet of Things. Between smartphones, smart cars, smart homes, and all the other areas where "smart" is appended to appliances controlled via cellphone app, there's an increasingly expansive WiFi web more open to being hacked than ever. As economies fluctuate, societal elements characterized by the term "hacker" become more bold, numerous, and a greater threat to businesses. Endpoint security helps protect against this expanding operational threat.

Defining Endpoint Security

Think of this like a first line of defense. You've got a server array at the core of operations. At the perimeter of operations are laptops, smartphones, tablets, desktops, and other devices put into use on a regular basis. These are your most vulnerable areas for intrusion, and what endpoint security is designed to protect. Endpoint security focuses on proper data encryption between these devices and more core computational tech.

Increased Security Needs

With increased devices transmitting and receiving data, you'll have increased users. These are called the "end user" and they're actually going to pose as much a threat--- or a more statistically considerable threat--- than hackers. As a matter of fact, 53% of security risks can be sourced to end user error or misuse of systems.

Say, you've got a division of a tech group that sources client repair entitlement--- whether a malfunctioning device is under warranty or not. With larger operations, this can involve multiple databases being accessed by the company's internal "end user". They've got to search such databases to ensure a client with a malfunctioning machine does or doesn't have a warranty. Such department exists as a contingency measure catching the overflow of normal warranty authorizations. As a result, there are a group of highly-trained individuals with high quotients of "down time." They get bored and watch movies online through "free" sites rife with adware. Many, unknowingly, may download viruses to the core system of your operations without proper endpoint security. Cracking down on the employees does no good. Put yourself in their shoes--- idle hands are still the devil's playground.

Increasing Levels of Data

Seventeen years ago, a desktop computer may have had one to five total gigabytes on its hard drive. Today, you can purchase a hard drive with two terabytes on it for less than $150, depending on where you go. Data and data usage are on a level of increase that has an exponential component to it. This means more utility, and more opportunity for data breaches. You want IT services in Albuquerque to be able to supply secure operations on an increasing curve over time. Proper encryption ensures protection and ease of use go hand in hand.

Planning Your Security

It's possible to handle security measures like these with an internally-sourced department, but that's going to be much more expensive than finding vetted  IT services in Albuquerque. To properly guarantee the greatest bang for your buck, ensure whichever services you choose include:

  • Realistically-defined endpoint security
  • Scalable security encryption measures
  • Transparent service provisions

We at Net Sciences, Inc. know the market, and how to secure it. Our solutions are transparently presented, scalable, and designed to ensure the most profitable, trustworthy operations over time. For more information, reach us today!