Superior Components & Design

Every Techniq computer system is built from the best and most reliable components we can source. We use Intel motherboards, CPUs and solid state hard drive (SSDs). We use Kingston and Crucial branded memory, WD and Seagate hard drives and PNY and XFX video cards. We sell Viewsonic flat panels for their superior price performance and warranty policy. We select and qualify each vendor and part for compatibility, reliability and responsiveness to problems. And we cultivate excellent supplier relationships so that when things get tight, we have a leg up.

We thoroughly test every new machine design for compatibility and reliability before we offer it for sale. Every machine is provided a truly clean install of Windows, with absolutely no “demoware” or any other software that would slow down your system or provide you less than an excellent experience. We even preinstall several basic “essentials” for you including Firefox, Flash, Java and Foxit PDF Reader, so that your machine does what you need from Day One. And we update our system images regularly to assure your system is secure.

Superior Assembly & Testing

Every Techniq computer system is assembled according to a detailed procedure and then verified by a second technician for components, build quality and functionality. Every component is visually inspected, carefully installed and then reviewed (after complete build) by a second technician for proper installation. Operating systems are then installed from an image created by one technician and verified by another. Once applied, your newly imaged machine is updated online to be completely current before it goes out the door.

Our testing procedure includes booting the machine several times, checking functionality of networking, USB, video and audio ports, and even waking from sleep modes. Each machine is inspected by a second technician using a checklist created for that particular machine type. Machines are then tested overnight for stability (unless you elect a rush order) before being marked as ready for delivery. And we are fast. Even with all the above checks, we can deliver almost any system within one to two days!

Superior Tech Support

Every Techniq computer system is assembled from a build sheet that identifies components, testing procedures and responsible parties (builder and verifier). This not only provides a very controlled environment, but also provides you the opportunity to speak directly with someone that was actually involved in building your machine, almost unheard of in this industry. We have also developed a very intimate knowledge of our products, have highly developed testing and troubleshooting procedures, very good vendor relationships and we maintain a healthy supply of spare parts. The bottom line is that we have the people, procedures, knowledge and attitude to provide you the best support in the industry on your new computer!

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