NSI Techniq systems feature Intel CPUs, high quality cases and truly exceptional performance at every price point. Our desktops offer a wide range of price points, from $699 to exceptional systems offering every possible option for CAD and design, digital content development, gamers and enthusiasts of every stripe. We offer standard system configurations at several price points, as well as customized designs. All systems come with a full three-year parts and labor warranty, with an on-site option for just $200.

NSI System Specials

NSI offers specials at every price point for home and business users. We offer systems for light and heavy business use, as well as those designed for digital content producers, gamers and enthusiasts of every stripe. These systems are available on a day’s notice; custom built systems can take up to a week but provide you with the perfect solution to your computing needs. Please feel free to contact us to inquire about any type of custom configuration or to get more information on our “stock” systems.

Please note, these are just our standard configurations. We’ll custom build a system or server to your exact specs (and help you develop those specifications in the first place). By clicking the “Details” button, you will be directed to our specification sheet for each individual desktop in .PDF format.


Yoga S Gen13 Corei5

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