IT services Santa FeIT services providers in Santa Fe can protect your business with the right cybersecurity solutions. They are the computer consultants that can point you in the right direction since there is so much hardware and software to choose from. They can also help you avoid scammers. Here are some cybersecurity basics that to help you decide how to strengthen your security with a firewall:

How a Firewall Adds Protection

One of the most effective ways your IT services provider in Santa Fe can make sure you are operating on a safe network is to install a firewall. A firewall is designed to be a barrier that blocks outsiders from connecting to your network. It is very useful in preventing viruses and DDOS attacks. A firewall acts as a filter for all the data that enters your network, as it is positioned between a computer network and the internet.

Traditionally, firewalls use packet filtering which analyzes a packet head to determine its origin and destination. This information must be permitted by a set of rules or it will be blocked. More modern firewalls are designed to monitor network traffic based on applications or types of traffic that pass through certain ports.

If you don't use a firewall you run the risk of creating vulnerabilities in the infrastructure. Without a firewall, unauthorized users can create holes in your network. The more you allow these holes to manifest, the easier it is for hackers to penetrate your network with malware or other forms of attack that can damage files.

Is a Firewall Necessary?

Every business needs to run a firewall as a shield against cybercriminals. All it takes is one security breach to disrupt or even destroy a business. It is wise to create multiple security layers around your network and a firewall is a good start. But keep in mind the more layers you add, the more you increase chances of employee errors. Eventually, layers will weaken as the infrastructure ages, but a firewall will still serve as the last line of defense.

A firewall will provide suitable protection that allows you and your IT team to concentrate on goals beyond security. Firewalls help save time and increase productivity by blocking specific time-wasting sites. A firewall can be either a hardware or software solution, but hardware firewalls provide the greatest degree of protection against attacks. Hardware firewalls are usually built into routers.

Why Firewalls Improve Communication

Firewalls help keep the email experience safe. You will be able to send and receive emails normally while your firewall detects intruders that are not allowed access to your network. By setting policies for who has permission to enter your network, you will be able to block out spammers and have more peace of mind when answering emails. Email inboxes will be less cluttered with irrelevant messages which will allow you to get to important messages quicker. You'll be creating a more productive environment.

Cybersecurity should be a key priority for your IT services provider in Santa Fe. Use firewalls--- this is one of the most effective ways to protect your business. Contact us at Net Sciences, Inc. to learn more about how we can make your business more secure, efficient and productive.