IT services Santa FeThe Breakdown

IT services providers in Santa Fe offer a suite of professional services at a cost that is much less than what would, traditionally, be required for an internal service. Developing technology like the cloud is partially responsible, as are a number of other factors that include:

  • Tech company competition
  • More comprehensive security solutions
  • Comprehensive savings

Tech Company Competition

IT services providers in Santa Fe must remain competitive against other tech agencies. This means they're all going to, in some way, be racing one another in terms of technology. Therefore, it's to their benefit to always have cutting-edge tech solutions available to you at the most cost-effective prices. You may even be able to call around and get the best rate, depending on which tech services you are trying to acquire. An internal solution doesn't have the time or resources to provide the most cutting-edge solutions, internally. With an internal solution, everyone will be playing catch-up.

More Comprehensive Security Solutions

With outsourced technology, should security solutions fail, it may cost that IT business a client. Additionally, it may brook a bad review or two online, which could prevent them from other client acquisitions. It is their prerogative to give you the most secure security solutions. This will come in terms of firewalls, antivirus/anti-malware software, proactive monitoring, BDR (Backup and Data Recovery), etc.

You're less likely to have costly downtime losses through an outsourced IT agency than an in-house one. The outsourced group has greater resources at their disposal, experience with more clients, competitive core directive, and access to more cutting-edge security solutions.

Comprehensive Savings

A small company with 20 employees in an office using outsourced tech solutions can conserve $100,000+ every year. If you've got 15 employees who work on computers that could be remotely operated, you can cut down your cost of rent 75%. Office space of $4k a month can be reduced to $1k monthly for management personnel. You can use BYOD technology (Bring Your Own Device) to "float" your office. This means employees can clock in and work remotely. Since they source their own devices, that's an additional $15k in savings ($1k per computer).

Cloud computing using DaaS (Desktop as a Service) can make this possible while, simultaneously, replacing your internal network servers. Those servers are a minimum of $40k+ a year; that's $10k for the server and $30k for the tech person maintaining it. Downtime will likely cost you $1k an hour, minimum, and that's a very conservative estimate. If you can cut downtime from 20 hours, annually, to 10, you'll save $10k. Altogether, an external tech company could save you, at these rates, conservatively $101k in the first year. A two-person company, at the same rates explored here, could save $10k a year through an external support solution.

Conserving Resources

IT services in Santa Fe through Net Sciences, Inc. could be that which saves your company tens of thousands on an annual basis. Through cutting-edge tech, comprehensive security, cloud computing, and expedited service delivery, it's possible to seriously cut operational expenses. Contact us to see what kind of tech could save you money.