IT support AlbuquerqueIT support in Albuquerque provides many different security solutions. From BDR (Backup and Data Recovery) to firewalls, proactive monitoring, and antivirus programs, there are a lot of areas where protection is needed today. One of the most important is data transference. Accordingly, encryption is likely to characterize many operations across business networks.

If you're unfamiliar with it, encryption is a word which refers to the shrouding of data. Basically, information is scrambled such that it cannot be read except with the right kind of key. This practice stretches all the way back to WWII. During this global conflict, Germany invented the Enigma code, which was a cipher that encrypted messages pre-computationally. The English had to design the world's first "computer" as a means of cracking that code at Bletchley Park. In a way, encryption has been fundamental to computational security since the very beginning.

The difficulty is, if your encryption protocols aren't cutting-edge, it's likely that hackers will have found some sort of key that will compromise your files. This is, surely, intolerable.

Importance of Encryption

IT support providers in Albuquerque can help encrypt your files against cybercriminal elements. When it comes to protection of data and privacy, such services are integral to multiple areas of operation. Consider healthcare, for instance. Many cybercriminal elements target patient records for varying reasons. Fraud is one of the most pertinent ones. With the right medical records, it's possible to build a pretty comprehensive digital profile that can be used to perpetuate lucrative fraud. Additionally, that fraud is nigh untraceable.

Oftentimes, hackers will steal a suite of patient records so that said records can be sold to the highest bidder. Where this gets downright scary is in terms of government manipulation. Kevin Shipp of the CIA, recently turned whistleblower, indicated that there are over four million people employed in over 1,000 intelligence agencies throughout the United States. Now, the current US population is roughly 323 million people--- that means 1.2% of the United States, at least, is directly employed by some intelligence agency. Where this gets interesting is in terms of black-books funding. The film American Made just debuted starring Tom Cruise. It's a film about the US funding the Contra war using cocaine in the late 70s and early 80s. Jeremy Renner's lead role in Kill The Messenger covered similar subject matter.

Cyber-warfare represents safer means of funding than substance smuggling. When you consider that losses from cybercrime will top $2 trillion by 2019, it becomes hard to imagine some agency, perhaps not located in the United States, hasn't realized the potential for black-books funding. China must have more intelligence officers than the US, considering its size. Maybe there's a reason so much cybercriminal activity is centered in this country.

Securing Operations

You need encryption, not just from seat-of-the-pants cybercriminals looking to steal, but from deeper, darker, much more powerful forces who need funding for expansive causes. If that funding can be acquired hacking multiple small businesses for small amounts in an untraceable way, it's going to happen. Cybersecurity using encryption is integral to businesses for many reasons. IT support in Albuquerque through Net Sciences, Inc. can help encrypt your systems against subterfuge data theft and cybercriminal mischief. Contact us for reliable security solutions.