IT support Albuquerque

IT support providers in Albuquerque are incorporating backup and data recovery solutions because they are increasingly becoming necessary to regular operations. It turns out that disaster recovery and backup solutions have a symbiotic relationship. You can have a backup without disaster recovery solutions, but you cannot really do much in terms of disaster recovery if you do not have any backup options in place.

Disaster/User Error

Backup solutions are much easier through cloud support options today. Whether or not you want a continuous backup model working as a subterfuge support solution for your system is going to be up to you. MSPs can be ideal for helping you decide what is more important.

If your business is small, don't think that this does not apply to you. In fact, you are more likely to have expanded the need for BDR solutions as a smaller operation. A larger business has the financial momentum to recoup if their BDR solution does not work as necessary. A smaller business does not have that luxury. For greatest effectiveness, designing solutions in terms of disaster recovery is important. Do not get hung up on the word "disaster.” A disaster doesn't need to be an earthquake, tornado, hailstorm, or nuclear conflict. A disaster could be a tech intern stumbling into the wrong button at the wrong time and turning off the power to the server room. Without recovery, an untied shoelace that trips an intern could be the end for you.

An IT support team in Albuquerque that incorporates disaster recovery and BDR can preserve you from a number of difficulties including:

  • Outright disaster
  • User error
  • Cyber attacks
  • Hardware failure

Cyber Attacks/Hardware Failure

The first two items in this list were already explored, but the last two deserve a little closer examination, especially cyber attacks. Just because yours is a small business does not mean you are immune from hackers. Because of your financial vulnerability, hackers understand that if they successfully introduce a ransomware virus into your system, you are more likely to "pay up.” Usually, ransomware hackers demand payment in bitcoins, the smallest full denomination of which is over $9k today. When one bitcoin is over nine thousand dollars, you may find that being saved from a single cybercriminal interruption of this kind totally justifies the cost of your BDR solutions.

Hardware failure is something so disastrous which cannot be ignored. You are going to have instances where computers break. There is no way around it. That is just "how the cookie crumbles.” If you do not have some contingency plan in place, you are going to pay for that lack of preparation. With a cloud-based BDR solutions, you can "float" a "mirrored" network, which is just like your primary one. Through such a solution, you can continue to operate with little to no loss while the hardware issue is fixed.

Safeguarding Operations

IT support services in Albuquerque through Net Sciences, Inc. can help you conserve resources cost-effectively, saving your business when the most unexpected disasters occur. Data backup and disaster recovery are symbiotic and we can help you set up the most secure solution. Contact us to safeguard your business.