Why Monitor?

IT services Santa FeIT services in Santa Fe are increasingly automated through processes like the cloud, as this ends up being more cost-effective for clientele in a number of ways, not least of which being security. Continuous updates, backup, and monitoring provide more security than has been experienced previously. This is good because today's technology environment is fraught with so many threats from so many angles that without such expanded security, it seems like very few businesses (if any) would be able to function without avoiding being compromised.

It turns out that cybercrime is a multi-trillion-dollar industry. Check this out: $6 trillion in losses are expected for 2021. For perspective, the US deficit is $9 trillion dollars. Thankfully, this excessively damaging industry is global and not situated in a single country, but you can bet the most high-profile targets will be in developed nations. With that in mind, advantages that come from cogent monitoring solutions include:

  • Application and Server Performance Monitoring
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Troubleshooting

Application and Server Performance Monitoring

IT services in Santa Fe can catch issues before they start in both applications and servers by keeping a close eye on performance. The causes of performance lags are varied, but they are predictable. For example, if you've got 200 employees working on the system and 100 more are inducted from a merger, you can expect some lag. However, if you see similar lag without an increase in usage, it's likely something isn't right with the system. If the system isn't being monitored, all anyone will experience is slow operations. If it's being monitored, should there be some cybercriminal element or some functionality problem, that issue can be more expediently identified and resolved.

24/7/365 Support

Still, if you don't have monitoring solutions maintaining operations around the clock, it's likely that some cybercriminal program could come in during your business' off-hours or during a holiday. They don't generally celebrate holidays like Christmas in China, so you can expect this to be a prime time for Chinese hackers to try compromising systems.


It isn't just hackers who compromise systems, however. In many scenarios, network issues that revolve around the performance of varying programs play a big part as well. Sometimes, the issue has to do with faulty configuration or something of the kind. In such situations, troubleshooting becomes necessary. When systems are continuously monitored, the niggling issue can be quickly identified, and a system of "running it through its paces," as it were, can be brought to task. This can help identify where the disconnect is and put things back together as they should be. Such an approach will expand performance naturally and in a continuous way. When your systems are always monitored, regular operations and new ones that derive from upgrades can be managed cohesively and cost-effectively.

Upgrading Operations

IT services in Santa Fe through Net Sciences, Inc. can provide your business with the kind of monitoring support necessary to keep your systems perpetually online. This will reduce issues like downtime and expand productivity. We can troubleshoot, maintain, upgrade and monitor your systems with top-tier professionalism perfected through diverse clientele support. Contact us for monitoring solutions that will serve your business in a continuously proactive way.