If you are looking for assistance, support or actual implementation services, Net Sciences can help you secure your SMB networks.  Whether you lack the expertise or are just short of time we can help.  From complete security reviews to remote support, we can help.

Firewall Hardening. 
Talk with us about GEO IP/Botnet filtering, advanced VPN options, DPI SSL and more.  We will help you get the most from your SMB firewall installations.  We are Sonicwall experts, and can help you get the most out of your Sonicwall implementations.

Securing Remote Access. 
Talk with us about how to use your Sonicwall gear to provide the most secure possible SSLVPN remote access (don’t forget OTP).  If you use Sonicwall SRA or SMA remote access products, we can help with endpoint vetting, user lock down and more.

Securing Wireless Access. 
Talk with us about how to secure your SMB wireless access as well.  Whether it be the basics (such as MAC address filtering) or more sophisticated tactics such as how to implement OTP in Sonicwall wireless, we can help.

Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM). 
No matter how secure your clients are, having someone reading and responding to security events is crucial.  Talk to about SIEM and how you can use it to enhance your security offerings and take a load off your own staff.

Incident Response Plans. 
Despite our best efforts, penetrations happen.  Talk to us to design and implement response plans that range from virus and ransomware outbreaks to serious data breaches.  Having these plans in place before you need them can be a business saver.

Comprehensive Backup. 
Any defense can get breached, leaving you only your backups.  Done right, these backups can provide file/folder recovery, months of versioning, business continuity and disaster recovery.  We are a longtime Datto partner and can help you learn to master data backup.

Secure Network Segmentation.
Talk with us about how to implement our three-step plan to design and implement a simple and secure VLAN suitable to your SMB networks.  Even the simplest networks benefit from proper segmentation, so let us show you how.

Windows Security GPOs. 
Talk with us about implementing group policies to enhance the security of your SMB networks.  From the basics of assigning security groups to advanced software and user restriction policies, we can help you tighten up your networks with GPOs.

Two Factor Authentication. 
Talk with us about affordable (or even free) ways to bring one-time passwords, tokens, biometrics, RFID card services and more to your SMB networks.  Enterprise grade security is within reach of your SMB networks, so let us show you how.

Net Sciences Is Your One Stop Shop. 
Net Sciences can be your one stop shop for SMB client networking security and data protection.  Net Sciences will help you deliver comprehensive security for your SMBs, as well as train you to bundle and deliver these services to all of your clients.

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