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New Ersatz Microsoft M365 Phishing Attack to Watch For

Mesh Security reports on a popular credential phishing method. -article        

AI-Driven Voice Scams Are Here and they Are Very Convincing

Laura Wilber of Dark Reading reports on AI voice cloning scams and what is being done about them. -full ...

FBI Seize Web Site of World’s Most Prolific Ransomware Gang

Sean Lyngaas of CNN reports on recent actions taken by international law enforcement against Lockbit gang. -article  

First of its kind AI assisted scam; $25M Heist!

Benj Edwards of Ars Technica reports on recent AI based scam -article  

Well Known Cybersecurity Provider Hit By Cyber Attack

Tim Starks of CyberScoop reports on a cyber attack of CNA. -Article

Another Reason Every O365 Account Should Have Complete Backup

Lawrence Abrams of Bleeping Computer reports on recent SharePoint and OneDrive issues -Article

What not to miss when visiting Albuquerque

Elaine Glusac of The New YorkTimes reports on must see spots in Albuquerque. -Article.

Louisiana State of Emergency Triggered By Cyber Attacks

  I suppose you cannot be considered paranoid if they really are out to get you! Benjamin Freed of ...

Don’t Jump To Conclusions; This Time Microsoft Really Is At Fault

Lawrence Abrams reports on a Windows activation bug causing problems for many users.  -Article.

Norsk Hydro Says No To Global Ransomware – At A Cost

BBC reports on how one Norwegian firm responded after a ransomware attack. -Article.


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