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Why You Need Virtual CIO from Your IT Support in Albuquerque

IT support AlbuquerqueIf you’ve ever thought of hiring a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), you can easily do so with a provider of IT support in Albuquerque. But before rushing into a contract, find out first if vCIO is the right choice for you.

CIO and vCIO

In big companies, the Chief Operating Officer (CEO)’s role is separate from the CIO’s. The CIO’s job is to assess, implement, and manage computer technologies for the company. The position requires technical expertise earned from years of experience. The qualifications are high, and so are potential candidates’ salary expectations.

For small- and medium-sized business (SMBs), the budget required to pay for a CIO is usually out of reach. And even if it is, why pay for a CIO and not employees who can directly contribute to the company’s bottom line? For example, a retail business is better off investing in marketing and sales VPs than in a CIO.

For SMBs, more practical solution is signing up for an outsourced vCIO service offered by providers of IT support in Albuquerque.

The vCIO is not necessarily just one person. It’s usually a team of experts tasked to collaborate with clients and perform the usual tasks of a conventional CIO. The only major difference is the price. To enjoy the services of a vCIO, clients pay a subscription fee which is a fraction of the cost of the compensation a conventional CIO receives.

Aside from the price, there are other benefits, like:

Save on resources

Managing your company’s technologies take time especially when you’re still trying to find your way around. But if you outsource to a vCIO service, you’ll be free to focus on your company’s core business needs.

Increase productivity

Because you’re free to work on what you do best, you accomplish more within the same amount of time. The same goes for your vCIO. Providers are specialized in offering you this service, so they know its ins and outs much more than you do.

Improve security

A vCIO ensures all systems are protected from cyber threats by applying the latest patches and installing the newest updates. The team also follows news on known threats as they develop, then create security policies to prevent these threats from infecting your company’s systems.

Of course, the quality of vCIO service you get depends on whether or not you’ve chosen the right vCIO for your company. So if you’re looking for a provider, take note of three key factors: their track record on working with similar-sized companies (ideally from the same industry), their communication skills, and their strategies for future innovations.

Budget is also a factor to consider, but a high price doesn’t necessarily mean high quality. What you need to go for is value for money.

Do you think vCIO is right for your company? If yes, consider partnering with us at Net Sciences, Inc., one of the leading providers of IT support in Albuquerque. Our vCIO service refines your business focus where it should be. Contact us for more information.

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